Ephemeral Flow


Ephemeral Flow 1


Stainless Steel, Plastic

Permanent Collection:

Meow Wolf – Convergence Station Lobby – Colorado


The Ephemeral Flow sculptures located in the Meow Wolf Denver lobby examine
the fluidity of material as a metaphor for change. Over vast periods of time, when
subjected to conditions of incredible heat and compression, seemingly unyielding
material changes to a state in which it moves with a ductile fluidity. This idea
does not have to be uniquely focused on physical material. Our universe is ever
expanding. Time is fluid. Energy flows and ebbs.
The movement of water in a mountain stream is a commanding force of nature.
Turbulent, serpentine currents erode rock seeking sea level over millions of
years. Topography is subject to pressure; terrain is altered through friction and
heat over sustained periods of time. Erosion and deformation reveal the plasticity
of substances often considered unyielding. Environments are forged, expending
stored energy, exposing the fundamental nature of the universe’s development.
Theories are based on hypothesis and objective observation. The investigation of
elementary materials, pliable and transferable, informs my understanding of the
universe and processes within.

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